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Chuanyu Tabacco Industry Came to Hongjin Printing to Investigate and Survey

Date: 2017-01-05
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On March 4, 2015, Yi Congkuan, Deputy General Manager of Chuanyu Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. and the inspection team came to Hongjin Printing to investigate and survey. Board Chairman and General Manager of Chongqing Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. came along.

The inspection group investigated the production department and inspection workshop, carefully checked the key parts of the production & the security situation, and expressed the solicitude for the front-line staff.

The specification group fully affirmed the achievements Hongjin Printing have made in recent years and considered our work outstanding, management system excellent, and got a breakthrough in the production of packaging boxes. They hope Hongjin Printing can keep going on and become bigger and stronger enterprise in the packaging market .

Chuanyu Tabacco Industry Came to Hongjin Printing to Investigate and Survey

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