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  Our enterprise has been working on environmental protection since we were founded. And we alway put environmental management into an important position during prodution to seek for sustainable development between development and social goals.

  It mainly consists of the following aspects:

1. The products of our enterprise are to the Green demand-oriented, green development and design, green manufacturing, green brands, green packaging, green transportation, green marketing, and so on. In this process, product development and design emphasized on effective resource utilization and effective treatment of waste; the production should be "clean production"; product packaging should comply with "recycled" or "biodegradable" requirements.

2.  Environmental protection and governance. We have only one Earth. Enterprises have the duty and obligation to protect the environment. Actively taking ecological production technologies in the production process prevents the spread of contamination. We deal with "three wastes" in the production timely in an effective manner, and we have got the ISO14001 certification.

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